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New plans for Gazprom

By Messenger Staff
Friday, January 22
The Batumi energy summit was frustrated and a Ministerial conference was held instead. Following this the big hope of creating alternative energy supply routes for Europe were also frustrated. The financing of new projects was delayed, mostly due to the economic crisis. By doing this Europe has expressed a preference for the status and decided to remain with Russia's Gazprom as its main supplier.

Gazprom has become interested in bringing different countries into its orbit. Senior Gazprom figure Alexander Medvedev stated in a recent interview that it is high time Romania clarified its position on the Southern Stream project. Medvedev highlighted the problems the NABUCCO project faces and mentioned that Gazprom is already a huge supplier of eastern gas to Europe and could therefore remain the primary natural gas supplier to Europe.

Currently Gazprom is encouraging Romania becoming the hub for supplying Europe with natural gas, thus tying that country even more to Gazprom. The Russian monster is becoming more and more aggressive.