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What do you think of President Saakashvili's image maker responsible for his clothing?

Monday, January 25
“I guess you are asking this question because of his recent outfit in Bakuriani. It was really funny. Otherwise I think our President’s look is quite normal.”
Jano, bank employee, 25

"It was really very funny, I laughed a lot when I saw his green trousers. As for his image maker, I can say nothing good."
Irakli, student, 21

"When you are President you should understand that you are the centre of public attention, especially when making some statement for the public, and your clothing should be appropriate for the occasion. Georgian TV programmes are now being broadcast in foreign countries and it is not acceptable to me when foreigners laugh at the Georgian President’s clothing, whether I like the President or not. I do not think this was only the image maker’s mistake."
Lia, teacher, 45

"I cannot blame the President’s image maker, as know one knows what our President will do and when. He always does what he wishes I think, and his image maker is not able to control his clothing."
Gia, manager, 31

“If I were his image maker I would suggest that he act less childishly. But I guess it is impossible to change the character of a person, no image-maker can do that.”
Tina, housewife, 36

“I saw him recently on TV wearing light green sports trousers in Bakuriani. I was a bit surprised to see a President wearing those, but I think clothes are the least important thing for a President. The important thing is what he does for the country.”
Teona, accountant, 30

“Well, actually it’s a bit of a confusing issue. I must say Saakashvili sometimes looks quite smart but he looks funny very often. That’s partly because he is broadcast attending entertainment places, such as a skating stadium. I would say he dresses as if he were an average citizen, but this is annoying as he is the Head of State.”
Maka, sociologist, 25

“Oh my God, does our President accept the advice of his image maker? He is so stubborn, I doubt if he ever does. What can I say? If it is all about the image maker, she needs one of her own!”
Levan, bank clerk, 22