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IFC on investments

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, January 26
A study published by IFC, the International Finance Corporation, which is a daughter company of the World Bank, shows that the most attractive of the former Soviet republics for making investments in are Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova and Armenia. Georgia, Azerbaijan, Estonia and Uzbekistan are the next most attractive, then Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, with Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Belarus at the bottom of the list. The list has been drawn up by assessing the activities of Governments and different institutions in the various countries.

Georgia has budgeted to receive USD 2 billion in Foreign Direct Investment in 2010. This is an optimistic assessment, think independent analysts. They point out that in 2009 a similar sum was expected but only around one quarter of this arrived.

Economic analyst Solomon Pavliashvili thinks that at least USD 1 billion in FDI is needed to guarantee economic growth in Georgia. The 2010 Georgian budget projects growth of 2%.