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In what way can Georgian-Russian relations be reinstated?

Tuesday, January 26
“I must say I am neither a politician nor an expert. I am an average Georgian citizen, but I can see how difficult it is to deal with the political tension between the two countries. Lots of mistakes have been made over the last few years by both sides, so I don’t think the situation will ever be dealt with.” Davit, psychologist, 31

“This is a very difficult issue. Both Georgia and Russia have such different viewpoints about the August war and the lost territories that I doubt that relations can be reinstated until one side makes concessions. We all understand that no such concessions will be made in the near future so this issue will remain unresolved for ages.”
Tamara, teacher, 45

“Georgian-Russian relations can only be restored if Russia withdraws its recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia as independent states, or there will never be progress I think.”
Irakli, lawyer, 30

“I do not see any chance at present of reinstating the relations between Russia and Georgia. Maybe one option could be turning our back on the West, but I do not think it is worth abandoning our ambitions to become part of the EU to normalise relations with Moscow.”
Koba, PR specialist, 28

“If Russia agrees to take its troops out of Georgian territory I guess our Government will start thinking of restarting relations from the beginning. However I don’t think Russia is planning to do anything like that.”
Keti, economist, 35

"This is the most difficult issue at the present moment for Georgia. If the Governments of these two countries are not in agreement, the situation will not be improved."
Giga, musician, 31

"If Russia does not refuse to interfere further in our internal affairs and the breakaway regions are not reintegrated the situation will not change positively."
Nino, housekeeper, 41

"I think that this is possible only after the authorities in both Russia and Georgia are changed. In the present situation, given Russia's goals, positive moves are not expected."
Nodar, businessman, 34