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Armenian nuclear power station threat to Turkey and Azerbaijan

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, January 27
Currently there are certain speculations in the eastern and south eastern regions of Turkey that the proposed Armenian nuclear power station is a threat to these regions. Turkish Professor Taifun Kindap suggests that if there is some technical mishap more than a million people could suffer, so Turkey should seek to close down the Armenian nuclear power station.

PACE member from Azerbaijan Rafael Huseinov has the same opinion and wants this issue put on the agenda of its next session. However it is significant that while criticising Armenian nuclear plans both Azerbaijan and Turkey are considering constructing such stations on their territories and want Russia to participate in these projects.

Azerbaijan realises that its reserves of oil and gas are limited and they will be exhausted by 2020-25. So as President of the Azerbaijan National Academy Mahmud Kerimov states there is no alternative to constructing a nuclear power station in Azerbaijan. If this idea is pursued Azerbaijan will have its own nuclear power station by 2025.