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Wednesday, January 27
Hague Tribune to investigate crimes documented in Tagliavini Report

An investigation group from the International Tribune of The Hague will arrive in Georgia to investigate the August 2008 events in February. According to the Russian media the group will visit Georgia following an appeal by Russia which stated that Georgia started the August War and conducted genocide in South Ossetia, Rezonansi writes. Official Tbilisi refutes the allegations of Russia.

“There are no legal or political evaluations in the Tagliavini Report. But the European Parliament has passed a resolution commissioning the International Tribune of The Hague to investigate the facts described in the report. The investigation group will work on the spot. They are visiting Georgia because Georgia has taken on the responsibility not to commit the war crimes outlined in the Rome Statute. Russia. which has never signed such a document, alleges that Georgia has committed these crimes,” International Law specialist and advocate Lia Mukhashavria has said.

Asked whether the group has the right to question the Presidents of Russia and Georgia Mukhashavria said, "Certainly, all persons who had ties with the conflict will be questioned, although the investigation group will do so as it sees fit. They have unrestricted powers of investigation. The investigation is not directed against a state, it will examine concrete crimes committed by concrete physical entities. Three types of crime will be investigated: genocide, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity," Mukhashavria said.

"I do not think that genocide was carried out in South Ossetia. But the fact is that our Government subjected peaceful civilians to the dangers of war without protection. If sufficient evidence is provided crimes against humanity might be proven. Russia will face much more serious accusations, as ethnic cleansing took place in the conflict zone. The investigation group will also examine what crimes were committed by the Russian Army, specific persons and the Ossetian side,” Mukhashavria explains.

Irakli Alasania: We will strongly defend each vote

Mteli Kvira quotes an interview of Irakli Alasania's published on the Radio Liberty website in which he has claimed that the authorities are doing everything to avoid holding real democratic elections.

“There are two ways of addressing this: one is to involve international organisations and the other is to have direct dialogue with the Georgian people. We have had several meetings with partner countries and their NGOs and Government representatives. All of them have same position, that rigged elections must not be declared legitimate,” Alasania said. He said that the Alliance has started creating an election infrastructure and is also planning to develop a plan for the strategic development of Tbilisi.

Alasania also talked about the Abkhazian and Ossetian people and stated that for 20 years we have not had good relations with them and a kind of estrangement has developed. "To overcome this, the first thing we should do is create a democratic and stable state. In order to restore relations the key factor is to restore trust. Our Alliance.Government will not be a Government of only one man,” Alasania said.