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What do you think of the quality of Georgian wine and its prospects of finding markets around the world?

Wednesday, January 27
"I think that the situation concerning Georgian wine has improved lately, as there are some serious brands on the market and the level of competition has increased. There are some wines and wineries of really high quality which have a chance to be competitive on the foreign market."
Gia, economist, 34

"We have some of the best wines in the world, as viticulture in Georgia has many centuries of history. The quality of Georgian wine is excellent; we have some unique varieties as well, which are very good for health. I am sure that very soon Georgian wine will be exported to many foreign countries and foreign customers will see its worth."
Temur, historian, 56

"To my mind there are serious difficulties in this direction, because for the quality of the wine to be high the wine industry needs to be assisted by the Government. But unfortunately nothing serious and important is being done in this direction."
Giorgi, farmer, 29

“I am not an expert on wine, but I like Georgian red. As for its prospects, I think our good quality and comparably cheaper wine can become popular abroad.”
Irma, cosmetologist, 34

“I think Georgian wine is of the same quality as some well-known French or Italian wines. I think it all comes down to proper advertising. If Georgia starts actively promoting its wine, soon we will see a significant increase in wine export.”
Gocha, economist, 26

“It will be hard to equal the sales of some world famous wine brands, but I guess Georgian wine has good prospects at least in the countries where people know more or less about Georgia. I guess Georgian wine is already very popular in Ukraine and former CIS states, which is not bad.”
Ia, secretary, 24