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Armenia-Turkey border opening will not change Georgia’s tariff policy.

By Messenger Staff
Friday, January 29
During his one day visit to Yerevan Prime Minister of Georgia Nika Gilauri welcomed the normalisation of relations between Armenia and Turkey. The opening of the border between the two countries will not have any impact on the fixed tariffs of transportation within Georgia.

As is known Armenia thinks that opening the Turkish border will be beneficial for the country's transit prospects. Finance Minister of Armenia Tigran Davtian has stated that after the border opening Armenia will become part of the Eurasian connecting railway and automobile network. Opening the border will activate transport between Armenia and the Black Sea ports of Trabzon and Samsun which will bring down the transportation costs of the country.

World Bank Yerevan office head Aristophane Varudakis thinks that Armenia's transportation costs will reduce not only because the routes will be shorter but because there is a more advanced infrastructure in Turkey than in Georgia and Iran.