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Do you think newly elected Chairman of the CEC really wants to hold transparent and fair elections?

Friday, January 29
“I do not think so! It would be very silly if someone really trusted him to do this. I do not trust anyone in politics. Politics is a very, very dirty business.”
Aleko, 27, student

“In my opinion no, but let’s hope that he really wants to. This would be very good, but unfortunately I do not know him very well and I cannot say anything definite about his future ideas. Let's just wait and see how the elections are held, I hope they really will be transparent and fair.”
Mzia, 61, pensioner

“Honestly, I do not know anything about this issue, but it is really necessary to hold transparent and fair elections so I hope that this person really wants to do so.”
Natali, 35, economist

“Well actually everything in this country is based on mistrust. People have lost trust in almost all the politicians. Furthermore Georgia has become a politically biased country where everyone spreads the views of those in power. I really want to trust in the new CEC Chairman’s goodwill but I simply can’t.”
Levan, 31, lawyer

“I must say it was quite a surprise to hear about the establishment of some opposition groups to address problems with the voters lists, so the only thing I can say is that I hope this will ensure transparency and the fairness of the elections.”
Mamuka, 34, psychologist

“Well I fully welcome the decision of the new CEC Chairman concerning the voters lists and I hope that all interested parties will cooperate to ensure the transparency of the elections.”
Tea, 22, musician

"I do not think that Kharatishvili really wants this. In effect he has been appointed by the Government and he will do what it orders him to."
Tamar, 28, economist

"I do not think there will be free elections in Georgia in the near future. Let him try and we will see what comes out."
Gia, 51, engineer

"As he was approved for the post after a number of procedures, he is a worthy person and will be the guarantor of just elections."
Giorgi, 24, bank employee