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Badri Patarkatsishvili’s family lawyer makes a statement on Joseph Kay’s assets

Monday, February 1
Recently, several European courts have dealt with the dispute between the Estate of Badri Patarkatsishvili and his step cousin Joseph Kay. The High Court in England recently ruled that Joseph Kay is an unfit character to manage or have any control over assets as an Executor and is banned from doing so in England. Courts in Gibraltar and Liechtenstein also recently ruled against Joseph Kay’s claims that numerous assets under his management were his and not Badri’s.

Legal actions have been successfully taken in various courts and include a worldwide freezing order over Joseph Kay’s assets. The freezing order from the Court of Gibraltar clearly states that any other person who knows of this order and does anything which helps or permits Joseph Kay to breach the terms of this order may also be held to be in contempt of court and fined or have their own assets seized.

Joseph Kay has been ordered to disclose all of his assets and not to dispose of, deal with, or diminish the value of any of his assets worldwide, including Georgia, in accordance with the freezing order. This includes assets in Joseph Kay’s own name, assets in a joint name with another party, or any assets which he has the power, directly or indirectly, to dispose of or deal with. This freezing order also applies to persons who may control an asset in their own name but do so in accordance with Joseph Kay’s direct or indirect instructions. Additionally, a personal spending limit of 1,000 pounds per week has been established for Joseph Kay. Before spending any money however, the court order states that Joseph Kay must inform lawyers for the Estate where that money is coming from.

This announcement is deemed a warning to any potential purchaser of any assets from Joseph Kay. Joseph Kay, or any of his representatives or nominees, has no right to dispose of any of his assets without first complying with the terms of the freezing order. Such sale will be deemed illegal and such purchaser would not be deemed to have acted in good faith. Any transaction of this nature would be challenged in courts.

If anyone is aware of any assets, movable or immovable, including financial sources currently belonging to or recently transferred by Joseph Kay, please contact the law office BIRKAIA & KVANTALIANI, at the address below. Information leading to a successful legal result will be rewarded.


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