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Do you think the separatist regimes will accept the newly adopted state strategy on the occupied territories, which will involve close cooperation between people on both sides of the administrative border?

Monday, February 1
"I think this is unimaginable, taking into consideration the present relations between the Georgian Government and the breakaway regions and the relations between Georgia and Russia. I believe this new strategy will not be implemented, unfortunately."
Irakli, manager, 31

"Only if Georgia adapts to the loss of the regions will this have any effect. The strategy itself is a very positive step, but I do not think it will resolve such a serious problem."
Lia, teacher, 42

"To my mind adopting this document has been the most sensible step of the Government. I am sure that an improvement of relations between Georgian and breakaway regions’ residents will totally change the situation in a positive direction."
Tamar, doctor, 39

“Well in my opinion no, because I think the separatist regimes do not want relations with Georgia.”
Sandro, student, 26

“Of course no, categorically no, and this is deplorable because deep in my heart I really trust that relations will be improved, but this is just my dream and not only mine. Russia is there, so what else do I have to say? All this is very unfortunate.”
Neli, housewife, 45

“Well actually it is a very positive step but I doubt that the occupiers will give the people on the occupied territories an opportunity to cooperate with those on the other side of the administrative border.”
Lasha, doctor, 24

“I must say I don’t very often watch TV or read the news as I’ve become tired of all the foolish things going around us, but I still doubt that any cooperation is possible between the two sides of the border.”
Jemal, driver, 47

“Actually I must confess that I worry about the political situation in Georgia. Despite the fact that I’m quite young and I have lots of other things to care about the August War had such a terrible impact on me that I want everything to fall into place and people to continue to live in peace without the fear of further complications or provocations. Let everyone live his life, that’s what I think.”
Natia, pupil, 16