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About the consumer prices in Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, February 2
The prices of some items in Georgia are very high, sometimes higher than in the USA. For instance, according to 2009 figures 1 litre of petrol costs 1.75 GEL in Georgia and 1.26 in the USA. 1 kilo of poultry costs 6.5 GEL in Georgia and in the USA 4.76. 10 eggs cost 2.5 GEL in Georgia and 2.3 GEL in the USA.

Some products however are cheaper in Georgia. For instance, 1 kilo bread costs 1.25 GEL here but in the USA 4.95. In Georgia 1 kilo of tomatoes cost 1.2 GEL, in the USA 5.8 GEL. It should be taken into account that the average salary in Georgia is 10 times less than in the USA.