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Compiled by Londa Mindiashvili
Tuesday, February 2
Kakha Kukava – if the elections are falsified, we will do what Saakashvili did in 2003

“A primary will be held on 27 March and will be financed by the parties taking part in it. Its budget will be published in the next week or at most two weeks. It will cost a minimal sum, about 15,000 GEL,” Conservative Party co-leader Kakha Kukava has told Rezonansi.

“The public is clearly demanding that the opposition have a common candidate for the Mayoral election. Becoming Mayor of Tbilisi is a first step to higher things. If Shevardnadze’s and Saakashvili’s representative becomes Mayor of Tbilisi, of course, the falsification that would bring this about will continue during the Parliamentary and Presidential elections,” explained Kukava.

“We must introduce our plans to the people. We should agree on our strategy. We should occupy the CEC building and the Mayor's office and take control. It is our constitutional right, as it is written in the Georgian constitution that the people are the source of authority in this country. If the Georgian people choose the opposition candidate and the CEC does not accept this, that candidate will have the full right to seize power in the same way Saakashvili did in 2003,” added Kukava.

Konstantine Gamsakhurdia – Tengiz Kitovani has implicated Shevardnadze

“We met former Minister of Defence Tengiz Kitovani and also ex-Minister of Security Igor Giorgadze. I also asked the General Procurator of Russia to send us the conclusion of the examination of the body conducted by the forensic institution of Rostov in 2007. This conclusion was the first produced since 1994,” stated Konstantine Gamsakhurdia, Chairman of the commission investigating the death of first President of Georgia Zviad Gamsakhurdia, in an interview with Asaval-Dasavali.

“Both Tengiz Kitovani and Igor Giorgadze gave us very interesting information. Both think that suicide can be ruled out and Zviad Gamsakhurdia was killed. Giorgadze said directly that the only person interested in seeing the death of Zviad Gamsakhurdia was Eduard Shevardnadze. While alive Gamsakhurdia prevented Shevardnadze from gaining international recognition as Georgian President, because Gamsakhurdia did not resign but remained in Georgia in Samegrelo and was therefore dangerous for Shevradnadze. Kitovani said almost the same. Both of them accused Shevardnadze,” added Gamsakhurdia.

The terms of reference of the commission will expire very soon, therefore Gamsakhurdia will demand their prolongation.

Archil Gegeshidze – Dialogue with the occupiers should begin before de-occupation occurs

"Russia seeks to facilitate the positive depiction of the Georgian politicians who seek dialogue with Russia. This is an attempt to show the international community that Russia is ready to hold dialogue with any part of Georgian society, including politicians, civil society and the creative intelligentsia. By this The Kremlin is endeavouring to soften the discomfort it is experiencing in the world as a result of the war with Georgia. However, Russia is guilty of not fulfilling the August 2008 ceasefire agreement and occupying Georgian territory," political scientist Archil Gegeshidze states in an interview with Kviris Palitra.

"Russia will use all opportunities to hold dialogue with Georgia. But it will not talk to the present Georgian Government on principle. As for the Georgian opposition’s readiness to start dialogue with Russia, it is up to them to take a decision on this and there is nothing unlawful in their activities. Each political party should decide whether to do this and each has the right to do as they decide," Archil Gegeshidze says.

"Georgia fell into the hardest situation after the August War. But the fact is that the Georgian Government has neither developed a strategy for overcoming the crisis nor come to terms with the present situation. Statements have been made that we welcome to all kinds of investments, even Russian ones. Russian investment did not cease after the August War.

"The Georgian President has recently stated that he is ready to start dialogue with Russia. He set certain conditions, de-occupation among them, but dialogue should begin even before the de-occupation. Let’s remember the agreement on the Zemo Larsi checkpoint. If we do not want dialogue with Russia why do we want to have open borders and free movement to and from Russia?" Archil Gegeshidze asks.

"Dialogue is the best way to achieve positive relations. But unfortunately hysteria and unhealthy agitation towards Russia are being promoted by the Government controlled television stations in Georgia,” he concludes.