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Do you want Georgia to become a transit route for NATO operations in Afghanistan?

Tuesday, February 2
“Frankly I do not know much about this issue but I do not think it is a good idea. If Georgia becomes a transit route for NATO in Afghanistan it will be very dangerous for our population because there is a high likelihood that Georgia will become a target of assault.”
Megi, engineer, 45

“We have a very bad relationship with our neighbouring country which causes a lot of problems in every Georgian’s life. The clear example of this is what is going on in the Kazbegi region. Furthermore almost half of Georgia’s territory is occupied by Russia. So we should all do our best to improve our relationship with Russia and not worsen it.”
Nana, manager, 30

“I consider that participation in the Afghanistan operations is not a good proposal. I am sure it will not bring any positive results. Rather, this s will become one more reason for Russian irritation.”
Irma, guide, 50

"When we talk about NATO, we say that we want to be its member, but if Georgia turns into a transit route for NATO, it will be the end of the country, I think."
Gia, historian, 51

"I do not even agree with Georgian soldiers’ participation in different operations in foreign conflict countries. This has always been the problem in Georgia; we have always died in others’ battles."
Lia, housekeeper, 32

"This would be the worst decision for Georgia. Very dangerous forces will be irritated by it and that may bring some kind of terrorist act on the country. If Georgia becomes a transit route it will bring insecurity instead of peace in the country."
Temur, programmer, 29

“I suggest it shouldn’t. NATO refuses to accept Georgia’s membership in the alliance so I don’t think we should become a transit route at all.”
Misha, sociologist, 38

“I think that each country should care about its own affairs. Georgia mustn’t take any responsibility for anyone else. We don’t owe anything to NATO. Let’s care about our people and try to find our peace.”
Tamta, journalist, 42