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Do you think that by not sending observers Georgia is showing its neutrality in the Ukrainian Presidential elections?

Thursday, February 4
"To tell the truth I do not think this was the real reason for the decision. To my mind, our Government understands that Yanukovich will win the elections in Ukraine and does not want to strain relations."
Nodar, bank employee, 28

"It is very difficult to say what another person thinks, but at the present moment I think Georgia is trying to be neutral, as the situation in Ukraine is very complicated and no one can say exactly which candidate will win, so I think this is the real reason for this decision."
Gvantsa, lawyer, 34

"I don't believe that neutrality was the reason behind this statement. I believe our Government is frightened now, after the scandals about the Georgian observers, and is trying to improve the relations with the Ukrainian side somehow."
Giorgi, student, 22

“Of course not, I think there is another reason behind it. Maybe our Government sees that Yanukovich will win and does not want to corrupt relations with Ukraine, as they will be very much damaged after this.”
Neli, pensioner, 65

“Well I really do not know the exact reason, but in my opinion they are just afraid of having a bad situation like we have with Russia as we would then be in a most horrible crisis and no one could help us. Can you imagine it - what we would eat? It is mostly Ukrainian food in our market. If relations are damaged Yanukovich, who I think will win the election, will impose visa restrictions and we will have the same problem we have with Russia. This is very unfortunate, so let’s hope that everything will be alright.”
Levan, lawyer, 45

“Yes, I absolutely agree with the President’s decision and I think that Georgia should keep its neutrality as a small country. But there is another issue, which I think prompted this decision: Ukraine has treated Georgians badly, so our Government has lost its confidence in Ukraine as an ally against Russia.”
Gio, sociologist, 26

“Well I think the situation at the Ukrainian elections showed that country's attitude towards Georgia. All those telephone conversations between our officials were a great shame for us too. So I think this is a very wise decision, as Ukraine would object to Georgian interference in its affairs and our President is trying to show his dignity.”
Anna, translator, 38