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What do you think about the death of Zurab Zhvania and where he would be if he were alive today?

Friday, February 5
“Well in my opinion if he were alive today he would be in Russia, and about his death I can say only that I do not trust the version presented on TV. I am sure that his death was just a fatal accident.”
Mikheil, 56, writer

“Unfortunately I think his death is connected with our leadership because Zurab was disrupting its plans. And I think that if he were alive he would be living in Russia, because that was the main reason for his death.”
Alexander, 29, student

“I do not now the exact reason for Zurab Zvania’s death but I am absolutely sure that it was not accidental but manslaughter. I am not sure who did it - I have some suspicions but it will be better if I remain calm. About where he would be living if he were alive I have one idea - Russia.”
Maiko, 46, lecturer

“Maybe in the opposition? Who knows? As for his death, I guess he was killed. I don’t believe the official version released by the police. I saw a documentary made by investigative journalists, which contained some interesting facts, indicating that he was more probably murdered.”
Lela, 45, accountant

“If he was alive he would be Prime Minister I guess, and I am sure the Georgian-Russian war would not have taken place in that case. He was a smarter politician than many of today’s, including our President.”
Gia, 53, unemployed

"I still believe that he was killed, as he was a very clever, balanced and educated politician. If he had not been killed we would not have seen such a tragedy as August 2008."
Giorgi, 28, computer programmer

"I do not know what to say about his death; the fact is that it was very mysterious, and as has always happened in Georgia, he is more appreciated in death. If he were alive, I am sure he would be in a senior Government post."
Tamuna, 23, student

"I believe that he was killed by the present Government and I know that this opinion is shared by many people in Georgia. Undoubtedly he was a very talented politician and always had the right attitude on important issues, unlike many of the politicians ruling the country at the present moment."
Nikoloz, 51, historian