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How transparent is Georgia’s budget planning process?

Tuesday, February 9
“Well I can’t give you any particular answer. The only thing I can say about this process is that the State Budget needs proper planning to ensure the democratic development of our country. I hope that this will be considered by the Government.”
Mamuka, doctor, 45

“Well it’s a fact that the budget is not at all transparent. If we take into consideration that so many investments have been made in Georgia lately the rate of unemployment should have decreased, but unfortunately it remains unchanged. I think that the planning of the budget is absolutely unbalanced.”
Nino, interpreter, 25

“Well unfortunately I am not acquainted with the issue but still, the state budget seems to be transparent, but it may just be the opposite. I can’t give any specific views.”
Meri, PR agent, 27

“I am not competent on this issue, but from my point of view this process is not transparent in Georgia. We have received so many grants and so much international assistance but in spite of this our economy is still poor. In my opinion if the process of planning Georgia's budget was transparent we would live a better life.”
Nino, economist, 22

“I do not really know. I have never followed the planning of any state budgets. But I have never heard on TV that there were any public debates going on around the state budget.”
Tako, student, 23

“As far as I know the draft budget is available on the internet, so anyone can see what our Government and Parliament are planning to adopt. So I think the budget planning process is quite transparent.”
Gega, lawyer, 26

“It is not transparent at all. The only thing we know is how much is allocated for each Ministry, but how they spend this money and how they use each Lari is not known, that’s why people have doubts that our money is being spent reasonably.”
Sandro, pensioner, 68