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Do you trust the Georgian courts?

Wednesday, February 10
“Of course I do not trust the Georgian courts - everything is falsified and there is no law in Georgia. This is deplorable, because we do not know what will happen tomorrow and maybe someday we will need to go to court. Unfortunately I am sure that the court will not be on our side whether we tell the truth or not.”
Alexander, 67, pensioner

“I am sorry, but this is a very silly question, because everyone knows that everything in Georgia is falsified, even in court. Unfortunately I do not have a contrary opinion on this issue and I am sure that the majority of the Georgian public has the same opinion I do.”
Natalie, 25, student

“I cannot give you an exact answer because I have never been in a Georgian court and I do not know what goes on there. I hope I will never have to go there. I think that there is not much justice, because so many people talk about falsifications, but I am not sure.”
Roland, 46, engineer

“Well in my opinion of course not. I do not trust the Georgian courts.”
David, 34, unemployed

"I think that the Georgian Court is now more reliable than it was several years ago. I consider that the reforms carried out in this direction have turned out to be successful and positive. I believe in the Georgian court, based on my personal experience."
Eka, 32, marketing manager

"The situation in the courts is better now, but they are not very trustworthy yet. I think that the Government or some influential figures still control them and more changes are needed in this direction."
Giorgi, 29, hotel administrator

"They are trustworthy I think. I am always very surprised when somebody says only negative things about the present Government. Just remember the situation even in the courts several years ago; they were a den of corruption, and now no one in the courts will dare to behave this way."
Nino, 25, bank employee

“Thanks to God I have not had to judge the fairness of the Georgian court system myself, but I have heard a lot of complaints from my friends and relatives about unjust decisions made at court hearings.”
Kakha, 38, unemployed

“I think the court system is the most problematic sphere in Georgia right now. In my opinion urgent reforms are needed there, not surface reforms but very comprehensive reforms.”
Tea, 27, doctor