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Do you think the Government puts excessive pressure on journalists?

Thursday, February 11
“I think Georgia's national TV channels are absolutely biased. I can’t say much about the printed press, because I do not read the newspapers so often. Radio seems to be freer than TV though."
Inga, accountant, 41

“It has become impossible to watch Rustavi 2 or Imedi TV. I think this is not because the journalists lack professionalism, but because there is too much pressure put on them by the Government. It is shaming to see Mayor Ugulava in every news programme five times a day. This is undisguised pre-election propaganda.”
Neli, dentist, 39

“In my opinion journalists are self-censoring. All this talk about enormous pressure on the media is just inflated rumours. Whoever wants to work in a professional and unbiased manner will be able to do so for sure.”
Keti, student, 20

“Well in my opinion the Government does put excessive pressure on journalists. We can all see this every day when sitting at home and watching TV, especially when we are watching Rustavi 2 and Imedi TV.”
Tamar, musician, 45

“There is no freedom of the press in Georgia unfortunately and of course I think that the Government puts excessive pressure on journalists.”
Meri, teacher, 34

"I think that the Government influences the Georgian media when something unpleasant is said concerning the Government. Mostly this sort of news is cut or broadcast in brief and fragmentally on the most-watched TV channels."
Tinatin, ophthalmologist, 41

"To my mind the situation in this direction is worse now than it was during Shevardnadze’s period. At that time there was one powerful objective TV channel, Rustavi 2, now, no Georgian TV channels are objective. Of course there are one or two more independent channels, but very few people watch them."
Gia, pianist, 32

"The pressure put on the influential Georgian media by the Government is obvious I think. At present the internet media is freer, as it is not available for all citizens and cannot change public opinion. The Georgian Government effectively uses the Georgian media for its own ends, which is absolutely unacceptable."
Nodar, sociologist, 35