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Monday, February 15
Patriarch calls on people to forgive one another

Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II has talked about the importance of forgiveness in his Forgiveness Sunday sermon.

"People should look into their minds, souls and hearts and see their sins. People who judge others, commit sins themselves. Today we should try to forgive and reconcile with each other. God bless Georgia’, Ilia II stated.

The Patriarch also blessed 26 surnames. Forgiveness Sunday is the last day before Lent.

Great Lent starts on February 15 and fasting continues until Easter, which is on April 4.

Burjanadze’s party calls on journalists to set up special representative group

The Democratic Movement – United Georgia has called on journalists fighting for free speech, to set up a special representative group.

"The Government needs full control over the media in order to hide its culpable activities. That’s why it uses all methods to suppress free speech and control all media sources. Consequently, it exercises terror on journalists who do not accept its control. Examples are the pressure exercised on Guria News journalists and the head of the Reporter studio Vakhtang Komakhidze," the party's statement says.

Party members say that they have themselves experienced the punitive measures taken by the Government against people with different opinions. They say that a fight against free media and free speech is a fight against a country, as the unification and development of Georgia are unimaginable without democracy.

Storm hinders two ferry boats to enter Poti Port

Due to a storm two ferries were unable to enter the territorial waters of Georgia's Black Sea port of Poti. They eventually entered Batumi after two days of waiting.

Two crew members needed to be taken to hospital. One of them, Murman Bagrationi, received in-patient treatment. Doctors say that his health condition is stable now.

Both crews are waiting for the weather to improve before entering Poti. The weather has been bad in Poti for several days.
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Kukava comments on court case

Georgian Conservative Party joint leader Kakha Kukava made a statement on some ongoing court proceedings at a briefing held on Saturday.

The proceedings refer to an incident in 2009 in which Kakha Kukava allegedly verbally assaulted Lele Iashvili, who has demanded from the Conservative Party an apology for moral damage and compensation of 20,000 GEL. Kukava said he considers the incident a misunderstanding.
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Working meeting held in Central Election Commission

A working meeting was held in the Central Election Commission on Saturday. The heads of the electoral administration met with members of political parties involved in the process of checking the voters lists. Representatives of all twelve parties concerned attended the meeting.

Political party members will fill in special applications with their remarks on the process of checking which will be entered in a common database. Such meetings on technical aspects of the list checking will be held every Saturday until the elections.
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Newborn baby dies in hospital in Batumi

A newborn baby has died in the Batumi Republican Hospital in the Adjara Region following a caesarian section.

23-year-old Rusudan Putkaradze's family members accused medical staff of causing the baby's death. They assert that she felt good when taken to hospital and doctors confirmed this, but later decided to make a caesarean section.

Gynaecologist Irma Ramishvili refutes the allegation. She asserts that Putkaradze's family members were aware of the patient's serious health condition. She also says that a caesarean section was the only way to save the patient's life.
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