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Which opposition candidates have the best chance of winning the Tbilisi Mayoral elections?

Monday, February 15
"I think Irakli Alasania has the best chance, as he is supported by a significant number of Tbilisi citizens. He never makes inappropriate or inadequate statements, like some other politicians in the country."
Guram, historian, 58

"In my opinion Zviad Dzidziguri, especially if he wins the opposition primary. At the present moment the opposition have more voters than the Government, but unfortunately the opposition has not managed to fight with a common front."
Lia, economist, 38

"It has no great importance which opposition candidate has more or less of a chance of taking the post at this point. The most important thing is the result, and I think based on the present situation that the opposition will not win these elections, as Gigi Ugulava is the most supported by Tbilisi citizens."
Tea, student, 23

Well unfortunately I dont know all the candidates well so I cant name the one with the best chance. But I think Gigi Ugulava has the main chance as he has more power and money behind his campaign.
Nino, teacher, 32

I think Irakli Alasania has a very big chance of becoming Mayor of Tbilisi. He is smart, intelligent, well-bred and an initiative politician. I think he will do his best to ensure the safety and prosperity of his city.
Akaki, pensioner, 68

I think that none of the opposition candidates has a chance of winning. Maybe many people do not like the National Movement but Ugulava does a lot of work for the city. He gave us 100 lari vouchers for gas, I am very grateful for that.
Maia, teacher, 51

If Burjanadze takes part in these elections she has the best chance to become Mayor. She is a hard working woman and does her job perfectly.
Ilia, taxi driver, 41

I will vote for Chanturia. He has lots of contacts abroad and he will do many good things for Tbilisi citizens. The major issue is to employ us and I think Chanturia will do it.
Maka, student, 21