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Do you think Georgia needs an anti-monopoly service and why?

Tuesday, February 16
"I think an anti-monopoly service is necessary, and I do not understand why it was removed in the first place. It would not only control the market but carry out some broader measures to prevent monopolies emerging, in my opinion."
Nodar, psychologist, 41

"An anti-monopoly service is needed because the situation in the Georgian market is not very acceptable. Some companies in different fields have acquired monopolies, and this is not right or good for economic development and less important companies."
Natia, economist, 34

"I am not against this service being restored, for several reasons: first of all, several dozen men will be employed, and the market will be rightly directed and permanently controlled."
Irakli, manager, 29

“Well I am not very well acquainted with this issue but if the conditions in the Georgian market improve this will be very good.”
Sandra, housewife, 46

“In my opinion this is very necessary for Georgia, because there are too many improper situations in the market. The economy will develop if we have this service.”
Dmitry, student, 27

“Such an institution existed in Georgia several years ago but did nothing to stop some monopoly companies in the pharmacy and mobile spheres. So I guess there is no need to restore it.”
Keti, interpreter, 32

“I guess yes, Georgia needs an anti-monopoly service to address the monopoly in the internet sphere, where tariffs are high because there are only two major providers in the country. I think the fees for using the internet in Georgia are higher than anywhere else in the world.”
Giga, student, 23

“I think restoring that service would be merely wasting time, money and energy. We had an anti-monopoly service in Georgia for years and never saw anything tangible done by that institution. So I guess no, we do not need it now.”
Gela, engineer, 45