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Opposition demands better control of oil product market

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, February 17
The prices of oil and oil products in Georgia are the cause of much controversy. The opposition are inclined to think that the high fuel prices have been created by a monopolisation of the market, and they are asking the Government to intervene. The Christian Democratic faction has demanded this in Parliament. Oil trading companies however have expressed their dissatisfaction with this, denying that there is a monopoly in this field, but controversies remain.

Professor of Economics and member of the Democratic Movement-United Georgia Nodar Khaduri thinks that oil prices increasing in Georgia when around the world they are falling shows very clearly that there are monopolies in the country. Prices have gone up despite the fact that no seasonal agricultural activities have started yet and there is no transport forwarding boom in Georgia. If there had been one the price of fuel would have increased but this is not so.

Economic analyst Gia Khukhashvili also thinks that tendencies in the world oil markets should be reflected in the Georgian market as well. He thinks that prices should be determined by competition, which is not the case here in Georgia.