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Compiled by Liana Bezhanishvili
Wednesday, February 17
The opposition will not be allowed to win the elections

Akhali Taoba writes that Chair of the NGO Former Political Prisoners for Human Rights Nana Kakabadze has stated that: "Unfortunately the opposition has no influence on today’s political situation. The only force which can influence anything is the ruling party. However the only thing the Government can do very well is conduct black PR against the opposition groups unacceptable for it.

"Only the Government serves Russia's interests in Georgia. It is therefore amazing and astonishing what Noghaideli is doing. Any party which wants to take power must be the defender of its country’s interests and not Russia's interests. Today the opposition is in a deplorable condition.

"Under this regime the opposition will not be allowed to win the local government elections. When there are no free elections there cannot be a free court, a free media or other characteristics of a democratic country," Kakabadze said.

What do the opposition want?

Kviris Palitra reports that Deputy Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia Mikheil Machavariani has stated that: "A Council of Europe resolution stipulates that Georgia should negotiate with Russia providing three preconditions are met. But some Georgians are negotiating with Russia without preconditions, which I find strange.

"Irakli Alasania has taken a very interesting position, telling Lavrov that maybe he has a different position to the Government but we are unanimous that the de-occupation of Georgia must happen. By saying this Alasania has said that Russia is an invader. Noghaideli has forgotten all this. I do not know what Noghaideli is trying to achieve but I know very well that Russia wants to conquer the whole of Georgia. Meeting Vladimir Putin today is like meeting Stalin.

"I do not understand what the opposition want. What must the President do for the opposition to like him? The Georgian observers were sent officially to the Ukraine but the CEC did not register them. No observers from the National Movement were present at the second round. What happened to the Georgian observers in Ukraine also happened to Polish observers, so why did the opposition make a scandal out of this?

"We could all see very well that there has been no deterioration of relations with Ukraine when Saakashvili congratulated Yanukovich on his victory. I have relations with supporters of Yushchenko, Tymoshenko and Yanukovich and I assure you that relations have not deteriorated," he said.

Children's rights will be defended

Sakartvelos Respublika reports that the Public Defender and the Children and Women's Rights Centre have held a meeting with NGOs dealing with children's rights. They discussed the reinforcement of coordination between organisations working on children's rights, in the hope this could help formulate a future collaboration plan between NGO and human rights organisations.

The Children and Women's Rights Centre discussed the legislative changes which they feel are necessary to eradicate the problems of children in education, single mothers, disabled children and victims of violence. The Civil Development Institute presented information on the informal civil education clubs it has established in Tbilisi, Dusheti, Tskhneti and other places and the summer camps it organises for socially unprotected children.