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Do you think it is necessary to hold dialogue with Russia, and who should conduct it?

Wednesday, February 17
"I think that dialogue is always necessary, especially with a country which is more powerful than you and can easily create serious problems for you. In my opinion dialogue is effective, but when it is held officially between the Governments of countries."
Nikoloz, historian, 41

"Dialogue should be in the interest of both sides taking part in the negotiations. At the present moment dialogue between Russia and Georgia will have no effect, as the Russian Government has a quite clear hostile attitude towards our country."
Nino, doctor, 35

"Dialogue with Russia is necessary and will start sooner or later, but I do not think that the present Government of Georgia or the present opposition can conduct successful negotiations. I hope that in future Georgia will have a respectable and powerful Government which will be able to select the right way to resolve problems."
Gia, pensioner, 65

“I think it is necessary to start negotiations with Russia. Otherwise we might face a new conflict. These negotiations should be conducted by the Georgian and Russian Governments. They are the decision makers.”
Ia, economist, 35

“This dialogue should start, and it should be started by the Presidents of the two countries, however I do not think there is a chance that Saakashvili and Medvedev will sit at the negotiating table together in the near future.”
Anri, insurance agent, 25

“I don’t think such dialogue will bring any results for Georgia. Russia will not agree to leave Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and Georgia will never put up with the occupation of its territories. The situation is quite complicated. I don’t know what could be a way out of it.”
Badri, unemployed, 55

“Well in my opinion it is necessary to conduct the negotiations with Russia. Otherwise I think we will see the same thing we saw in August 2008 and I do not think that anyone wishes a repetition of that. So I think both Governments must conduct negotiations.”
Nelly, teacher, 56

“Of course it is necessary to hold dialogue with Russia and I think that most of the Georgian public thinks so too. I think that this dialogue must not be conducted as Noghaideli is doing it but through both Governments. Noghaideli does not improve relations by his actions, he damages them. Healthy dialogue must be conducted.”
Temuri, lawyer, 32