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Do you think Noghaideli should be the only person excluded from a ‘united opposition’?

Thursday, February 18
“Yes, I think he is the only one who should be excluded from a ‘United Opposition’. I consider him Georgia’s enemy.”
Levan, 27, unemployed

“Well in my opinion he is not the only person who should be excluded from a 'United Opposition’. I think that the whole ‘United Opposition’ must be excluded from Georgia. All they are accusing Saakashvili of they do themselves. I really do not know what is happening in Georgia, I can only call it chaos.”
Elizabeth, 56, lecturer

“Not only Zurab Noghaideli should be excluded but I consider him the main one, and he must be excluded from not only the ‘United Opposition’ but the whole of Georgia. He is Georgia's enemy because he conducts dialogue with our hostile country, Russia.”
Alexander, 67, pensioner

“I think everyone should have the right to his own point of view and have equal rights. We claim that we are a democracy and at the same time marginalise a politician because he has a different view on a certain issue. I think this is not something that happens in a democratic society.”
Sopo, 22, student

“Well, I do not really understand what this united opposition intends to do. A couple of weeks ago they were saying totally different things. As for Noghaideli, I think he will never be elected Mayor, so there is no point in his being in that new alliance.”
Giorgi, 30, economist

“Definitely. He excluded himself from the rest of the opposition when he started visiting Moscow every other week. He is someone totally unacceptable for the Georgian people.”
Manana, 41, teacher

"There are some other persons in the opposition who held posts in the former Government. Therefore there are some people in the opposition who cannot be considered opposition members at all. I have never considered Jondi Baghaturia or Giorgi Targamadze to be opposition."
Tamar, 34, economist

"Zurab Noghaideli should be excluded, as he is absolutely unacceptable person, as is Nino Burjanadze. They were members of the Government, and only after they were dismissed did they start making anti-Government statements. I am not a Government supporter, but I hate such kind of people. If you do not like something, say it at the time and not after you are dismissed."
Davit, 61, pensioner

"First of all, we have no united opposition and I think that we cannot expect a united opposition in the near future. Noghaideli and some others in the opposition are neither opposition nor Government supporters, they have always done whatever is profitable for their personal interests and will continue to do so."
Nugzar, 42, archaeologist