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Can you name any political prisoners in Georgia?

Friday, February 19
“Actually no, I cannot name anyone specifically. But I guess there are people imprisoned for political reasons in Georgia’s prisons. I have heard NGOs and some opposition members claiming that.”
Nana, housewife, 40

“I think one of the political prisoners is Tsotne Gamsakhurdia. The Government has just invented a made up reason to put him in jail. We have no free court in the country, so people can be arrested and convicted without real grounds.”
Natela, biologist, 54

“I think the era of political prisoners was left behind in the nineties. I do not think we really have any political prisoners here. If there were, the opposition would be talking about it day and night.”
Kote, unemployed, 43

“Honestly I cannot name any political prisoners in Georgia. But I think there must be some.”
Levan, unemployed, 56

“Well in my opinion one political prisoner is Tsotne Gamsakhurdia. It does not matter what the Government or media say the reason he is in jail is because he was disturbing someone.”
Lamara, pensioner, 67

“Well to be fair I can’t name any political prisoners. But unfortunately I have heard that there is a tendency to imprison people on the basis of their political beliefs.”
Salome, painter, 23

“Actually I think that all the people who could have been imprisoned for political reasons have fled Georgia, so I can’t give you any specific names.”
Dato, lawyer, 35

"I think there are no political prisoners in Georgia. If there were, there would be street rallies. There are some small marches being held by the opposition, but all the people the opposition call political prisoners have committed a crime, and if they had not, they would be free."
Tamar, teacher, 36

"I think that there are political prisoners in all democratic as well as less democratic countries, as there are always people with different attitudes and viewpoints who are not liked by some powerful forces. We also have political prisoners - those imprisoned for taking part in opposition street rallies are political prisoners I think."
Ika, builder, 41

"There are no political prisoners in the country. Who is Tsotne Gamsakhurdia? He is a criminal and nothing more. He is a shame to those really great men, Konstantine and Zviad Gamsakhurdia. Eka Beselia’s brother or son, are they political prisoners? They are also criminals and should be punished for it."
Giorgi, pensioner, 61