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What do you think Georgia will gain from building relations with the North Caucasus republics?

Monday, February 22
“More hatred from Russia maybe, nothing else I guess. How can the North Caucasus republics help Georgia when they have plenty of their own problems?”
Dato, engineer, 53

“Maybe our Government is afraid that the North Caucasus republics might also recognise Abkhazia and South Ossetia as independent states and that’s why they want to build good relations with those small countries. I do not see any other reason.”
Valeri, lawyer, 29

“Having positive relations with any state, no matter how big or small it is, is always good. I guess there is nothing bad in having closer cooperation with our neighbouring small states in the North Caucasus.”
Irma, interpreter, 25

“I think this will irritate Russia more and achieve only this. I do not think that building relations with the North Caucasus republics is useful for Georgia. I also do not think they are interested in our country. Our problems do not concern them because they have their own problems.”
Tamar, teacher, 46

“I do not see anything bad in this, because if Georgia builds relations with the North Caucasus republics it will be very good. I think that building relations with any republic is always useful and Georgia will gain from building these relations.”
Dmitry, student, 27

"If Georgia builds relations with the North Caucasus republics, and if the countries of the Caucasus region collaborate in general, this will be very negative news for Russia, as a strong and united Caucasus is not in its interests."
Tamuna, sociologist, 34

"Georgia needs good relations with the Caucasus republics for several reasons. First of all they are very near us, and it is very important to have good relations with neighbouring republics. Secondly these territories have always been part of Russia's sphere of interest, and if Russia increasingly controls these republics it is possible that they will recognise Abkhazia and South Ossetia."
Nika, student, 19

"At the present moment Georgia and the Caucasus countries, especially the North Caucasus countries, have the same enemy and it is very much necessary for all of us not to oppose each other and try to be united against Russia's love of conquest."
Nugzar, archaeologist, 42