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Would you prefer Levan Gachechiladze or Irakli Alasania as the joint candidate of the opposition?

Tuesday, February 23
“If I had only this choice I would prefer Irakli Alasania. Levan Gachechiladze is very dangerous for the whole of Georgia. I consider this person a thug, every time I watch him making his statements I get irritated. He should not be in politics.”
Maiko, 36, unemployed

“Well in my opinion neither of them should be the joint candidate. I do not trust them. I do not understand what they want to achieve but I see very clearly that it is nothing useful and good for Georgia or Georgian citizens, so I do not prefer either as the joint candidate of the opposition.”
Nino, 35, economist

“I cannot say that I like these persons but of the two I would prefer Irakli Alasania. By no means would I support Levan Gachechiladze, he is not an adequate and normal man, he must go away for serious medical treatment.”
Natalie, 45, housewife

“I prefer Irakli Alasania, not Levan Gachechiladze with his street boy mentality.”
Nino, 25, PR manager

"I would like to see Zviad Dzidzguri as the candidate, but if the opposition manage to agree and the choice is to be made between these two persons I would support Alasania, as he is the more experienced politician and has important political contacts as well."
Tamar, 25, folk dancer

"I would prefer Levan Gachechiladze. In my opinion he really loves his country and will do his best to protect it. Levan and Gia Gachechiladze have already proved their patriotism."
Nodar, 51, painter

"I think we have an excellent Mayor, Gigi Ugulava, and he is worth retaining in the post. As for these two, in general I prefer Alasania, as he is a more balanced politician and he never makes inappropriate statements, unlike Gachechiladze."
Nino, 45, teacher

“I think Alasania would be a better candidate for Tbilisi Mayor than Gachechiladze. Alasania is a more moderate and wise person I think. I would prefer Alasania as Mayor for sure.”
Ira, 25, office manager

“Gachechiladze is very popular among Tbilisi residents. This could be an advantage. I think he could be a good Mayor – he is a person who loves Tbilisi and sincerely wants to make it a better city. However I think Alasania is also good enough.”
Tamar, 40, housewife