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Do you think people need training in how the voting system works?

Wednesday, February 24
"I think that training in this must be held, as people should be aware of the details of how the voting system works. No just elections have been held in Georgia for years, people have voted and then their votes have been mostly falsified. At the present moment, when we want to live in a democratic country, each citizen should know his rights, especially those concerned with elections, as free elections are the basis of a democratic country."
Gia, sociologist, 35

"To my mind this is needed. I know many people who refuse to vote and because they believe that their votes will be falsified and there is no point participating in the process. When these people are aware of all the procedures which take place during an election and how important each vote is, they will change their attitude."
Nino, doctor, 41

"It needs no training to go to the polling station and vote for the candidate you support. This is a responsibility. Each Georgian is responsible for the country, everyone should realise this. If most of the citizens understand this and participate in the elections no falsification takes place."
Giorgi, archaeologist, 55

“The voting process is quite difficult for Georgian people because we don’t have great experience in this direction. I think it would be quite interesting for the relevant bodies to inform us of how to take the steps necessary to vote in the right way.”
Beka, musician, 36

“I don’t think there is a need for such trainings. I see no difficulties in the voting system and in my opinion people are aware of everything.”
Inna, interpreter, 22

“I think a media campaign to raise awareness of election procedures and the basic rights people have during the process would be a good idea. Issuing special booklets could also be effective I guess.”
Tamuna, pharmacist, 25

“It is absolutely important that we ordinary citizens know more about how elections work. To be honest, I myself do not know so much about it. I just go to the polling station and cast my vote, however I have no idea about the Election Code and such issues.”
Neli, dentist, 42

“There is a lot of information available about elections on different websites, anyone who wants to know more can search for it. There are also quite a few leaflets and books issued about election procedures and regulations for those who have no access to the internet. So I think there is no need to hold special training for this.”
Giorgi, engineer, 31

“Well I’m quite sure about this. It is our shame that we can’t follow the clear directions at the polling stations.”
Guka, doctor, 26