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Is it worth breaking up one opposition alliance just to create another one?

Thursday, February 25
“I think that this is not worthwhile because the same situation will exist, so I see no reason to do it.”
Nana, 45, economist

“Well in my opinion opposition unity is useful for Georgia, but in this case everything will be the same as before, maybe the faces and names will change but the ideas will be identical. So there is no reason in my opinion.”
Levan, 26, student

“I think that it is worth doing this because everything that happens happens for a reason, and this union is better than the previous ones. So let’s see what will be!”
Alexander, 37, economist

“All these alliances and movements emerging in Georgia every other day seem quite ridiculous. The parties converge without any common ground or platform. That’s why they fall apart so easily at their very first disagreement.”
Maia, 39, teacher

“There is really no point. Generally the political situation is quite blurred now. It is hard to figure out which political force is fighting for what. I see former allies cursing each other every day on TV. It is really disturbing.”
Geno, 47, architect

“We are fed up with their indecisiveness. I placed great hope in the opposition in 2007 but I am very much disillusioned now. I guess it is better to have Ugulava as Mayor than any of the opposition members, who cannot even keep their promises.”
Tea, 26, unemployed

"I think that at the present moment unification is the most important thing for the opposition, as after nominating a common candidate their chances will significantly grow. So, if the opposition manage to create a new strong alliance, this will be more importance than an alliance of three parties."
Gia, 31, singer

"To my mind it is very stupid of Irakli Alasania to oppose his former allies for the sake of Zurab Noghaideli, who is a traitor and nothing more. The rating of the Alliance was really high. In my opinion Alasania will soon regret this decision."
Temur, 21, student

"I think Alasania has sacrificed his Alliance’s interests for the welfare of the opposition as a whole and his integrity should be appreciated."
Giorgi, 32, manager