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Compiled by Liana Bezhanishvili
Friday, February 26
Modern standards for judges

Sakartvelos Respublika writes that Chair of the Supreme Court Konstantine Kublashvili has held a press conference to discuss the introduction of modern standards for judges.

"A public opinion poll conducted by the UN says that 66 percent of Georgians trust the courts. We were asked to hold courses on conducting emotional cases at the law school and this has increased both trust in the court and judges' qualifications and professional skills. Since 2006 Mikheil Gogishvili and Maia Sulkhanishvili, who have great experience and professional skills, have lectured at the law school along with foreign judges. We created this course based on the experience of the Georgian law courts and internationally recognised methods of conducting emotional cases. Judges with the ability to facilitate communication between the parties to a case express their own problems and interests in the field," said Kublashvili.

The Harvard High School seminar book which the law court has prepared was presented at the press conference. This details how a judge should conduct dialogue with a claimant who is unable to make his case or is angry at the legal process because of his problems and is malicious to the opposite side. “The main part of this book explains how a judge must conduct the process and the whole case. It has previously been considered that the main knowledge a judge needed was how to discuss juridical arguments. When a process is very emotional a judge will not be able to address it satisfactorily by this method alone," added Konstantine Kublashvili.

David Berdzenishvili: Alasania makes mistakes but remains Alliance leader

Rezonansi reports that according to Republican David Berdzenishvili, Irakli Alasania makes mistakes but is still the Alliance leader and Mayoral candidate.

"Alasania entered into alliance with us and I hope that he will not leave,” said Berdzenishvili. "We have accepted that there are only five parties in Georgia who can pass the electoral threshold: the National Movement, Alliance for Georgia, Labour Party, National Forum and Christian Democrats. A 6th party does not exist, but there is a possibility one can be created.

"Unfortunately, when Irakli Alasania attempted to avoid holding a primary by conducting negotiations his friend Zurab Noghaideli joined in. Alasania and Zurab Noghaideli sat there side by side and the Government’s channels videoed this when Alasania stood up. It was favourable for Noghaideli to be recorded with Irakli Alasania, but of course it would not be easy to make Noghaideli fall in behind him. It will not be possible to make Irakli Alasania out to be a pro-Russian politician but his relationships with pro-Russian politicians and conducting joint projects with Zurab Noghaideli will damage his rating and his image,” said David Berdzenishvili.

“It seems that Alasania considers Levan Gachechiladze’s support very important. He does not trust sociologists and advisors and hopes he will be able to persuade Levan Gachechiladze to support him. However Gachechiladze thinks that he can only be a leader. There must therefore be a leadership struggle going on between these two. Gachechiladze wants a high price for supporting Alasania. I think however that this should not affect what Alasania does. The person who does not make mistakes has no experience of politics,” stated David Berdzenishvili.

Asked if Alasania's actions meant that the Alliance has broken up and he now opposes the Republicans and New Rights, Berdzenishvili answered:” I think about Irakli’s mistakes. We cannot do anything about these mistakes, he will have to address them. But the Alliance will not break up. Without Alasania it will be impossible to win the elections.”