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Do you think President Saakashvili is to blame for damaging relations between the Georgian and Russian people?

Friday, February 26
"I am not going to blame only Saakashvili for damaging relations with Russian people. The Russian Government has also played a very significant role in this, as they were not in love with us before the war. But I also believe that when you are the President of the country you are responsible for it, and should be more tactful and distance yourself from strong, warlike statements, especially when the enemy is more powerful, and not give it a reason to justify its hostile aims and attitudes to the country."
Temo, physicist, 26

"I am not a Saakashvili supporter at all, but I do not think he is responsible for the strained relations Georgia and Russia have now. Georgians have never had a negative attitude to Russian citizens, and even after the war we do not consider the Russian people our enemies. The main initiator of damaging relations is the present Russian Government."
Lia, doctor, 41

“No, I think former President Putin is to blame for damaging relations between the Georgian and Russian people. He provoked us, then there was the horrible August War, and he is still provoking us by putting bases in Abkhazia. It is not fair. This is why relations are damaged between Georgian and Russian people.”
Avtandil, businessman, 37

“Well in my opinion we must blame the two Governments, Russian and Georgian.”
Ramaz, student, 29

“No, absolutely not. Saakashvili is not to blame for damaging relations between Georgian and Russian people. I blame only the Russian Government, especially Vladimir Putin. It was his plan to start the war and take those territories. Unfortunately we lost them and now they really are Russian territories.”
Tamar, unemployed, 56

“The only side we can blame in this conflict between the two nations is the Russian side.”
Inna, interpreter, 22

“Unfortunately I have a positive answer to this question. President Saakashvili has made lots of mistakes with Russia which have been reflected in the strained relations between the two countries. I think Saakashvili ought to have been wiser in a variety of ways.”
Nino, accountant, 37

“I think relations between Russia and Georgia spoiled long before Saakashvili came to power. It is unwise to blame a specific person for damaging these relations. These relations damaged when Soviet Russia invaded Georgia. Saakashvili had nothing to do with that.”
Asmati, journalist, 32

“Saakashvili has contributed to this, but we should not put all the responsibility on him. First of all the Russians should blame themselves. It was not Georgia which killed innocent people at the Parliament on April 9.”
Marina, accountant, 54

“Relations between the Georgian and Russian people had been tense for a long time, however the events of August worsened them more than ever. It is not up to me to say that this was Saakashvili’s fault. I think Putin is responsible for what happened between Russia and Georgia in 2008.” Avto, driver, 46