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Turkey waits for Russia to make a move on Karabakh

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, March 2
Ankara has accepted that no major moves can be made in the South Caucasus without Russia’s involvement, particularly in the so-called frozen conflicts, Karabakh above all. Now Turkey is attempting to repair relations with Armenia it expects Moscow will help facilitate at least a partial regulation of the Karabakh conflict so this process can continue unhindered.

Armenia’s economic and defence problems have become a serious headache for The Kremlin recently, says Azeri newspaper Zerkalo, and Moscow is therefore seeking a way to resolve the conflict which has created these problems, which should be good news for Turkey.

Ankara welcomed EU involvement in stopping the Russian aggression of August 2008 in Georgia but was not very happy to allow US Navy vessels to pass through the Bosporus to enter the Black Sea. Ankara is clearly irritated by certain US steps in the region and the pressure it tries to put on Turkey.