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Compiled by Liana Bezhanishvili
Tuesday, March 2
Alasania may become a Russian puppet

In an interview with Kviris Palitra the political scientist Andro Barnov has stated: "Alasania’s step is absolutely unjustified. It really is the way to uncertainty, because the United Opposition is a very motley group. I do not think it is a good idea to gather all these people together. It will be difficult for Alasania to create a pro-Western image alongside all these people.

"The problem is not only the level of diversity. They are ambitious people, each has their own plan and they are led by money, which Alasania does not have but Noghaideli has. Ultimately this money is connected with Russia. If Alasania decides to stay in this team he will inevitably become Russia’s puppet.

"Of course this is a tactical victory for Noghaideli. He is trying to become a legitimate member of the opposition but it is evident that Irakli Alasania will not become this team’s individual leader. I do not want to believe that he will agree to be leader of a team created with Russian money. This union is a Russian project and I hope Irakli Alasania would not accept this.

"These people who are holding meetings are trying to create another revolution. Alasania say's he won't do this. The most important thing now is for no one to foment revolution because we need consolidation.

“Let’s look at our political spectrum. It is clear that 99 percent of it is led along by the people’s mood. This is why freedom and education are the most important things. I would like the public make the right decisions and have objective opinions. This will be the only guarantee of peace and development. We must explain everything to the public,” considers Andro Barnov.

Konstantine Gamsakhurdia: only God knows which is the worse, the Government or the non-Parliamentary opposition

In an interview with Versia leader of the Freedom Party Konstantine Gamsakhurdia has stated: "The situation has become complicated since Zurab Noghaideli become the opposition’s grey cardinal. He has very big financial resources and that is why his significance has increased. Where has this money come from? Of course from Russia, because Russia is the country which can mobilise serious financial resources. Other countries also give small grants and that is why it is difficult to defeat the National Movement.

"There are two possible configurations at the elections, either Alasania will be the Mayoral candidate and Levan Gachechiladze the Vice Mayor or the contrary. But Gachechiladze’s political rehabilitation will be very difficult, as we remember how things have developed since 2008. Noghaideli’s role in all this is a little incomprehensible,” stated Konstantine Gamsakhurdia.

“Only God knows which is worse, the Government or the non-Parliamentary opposition. In 2007 I presented Gachechiladze as the Presidential candidate. I was orientated on results, not gain, and made myself second in the election list. Then Gamkrelidze demanded second place at the Parliamentary elections because Vano Chkhartishvili was financing him. About 3 million was suggested. Maybe Chkhartishvili’s interest was the same as Saakashvili’s and Merabishvili’s. The opposition were splitting but these sums united them,” stated Gamsakhurdia.

Building project is illegal, says Ratom (Why?) Movement

The Ratom ("Why?") Movement has accused the Tbilisi Mayor of breaking the law in the construction of the new motorway connecting Varaziskhevi-Tamarashvili streets. No one has been able to find a copy of the project plan for this construction because it does not exist, the Movement says, and this is illegal.

"They are cutting down a huge number of trees without first conducting an environmental impact survey," says one of the leaders of Ratom, Merab Chikashvili. He says that Ratom does not disagree with the construction itself or the investment in it but the residents' interests must be taken into account and relevant laws adhered to.