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Do you think Georgia’s security is compromised by opening the Larsi checkpoint?

Tuesday, March 2
“Well I do not understand - if Georgia does not expect any special economic or political benefit from reopening this border crossing point, why are we doing it? I think it is very silly.”
Alexander, 36, engineer

“No, I do not think so. Unfortunately however it will increase the export of narcotics.”
Manana, 23, student

"If the Georgian Government says that any kind of collaboration with the present Russian Government is unacceptable, why has it agreed to open the checkpoint, especially when the situation in the Caucasus region is strained at this moment, and by opening it some kind of danger may threaten our country?"
Irakli, 41, doctor

"To tell the truth this decision is unacceptable for me. Many people consider that reopening the checkpoint will be dangerous for Georgian security. I do not believe that Armenia is the only reason it has been reopened."
Gia, 32, builder

"I am very glad that this checkpoint has opened, as it is a sign that Russian and Georgian politicians can still agree on some issues. I am sure that opening the Larsi is a first serious step forward in regulating Russian-Georgian relations."
Tamuna, 23, bank employee

“I think this is a very good decision. People living close to the checkpoint in Kazbegi used to make their living by selling things to those crossing the border. They at least will benefit from this decision.”
Tina, 29, interpreter

“The checkpoint was open for many, many years and nobody thought it was a big danger for Georgia. I do not understand now why it might become such a big issue.”
Gela, 36, distributor

“I do not know what the point of opening Larsi now is. I do not think we will have significant trade relations with Russia in the near future. As for security, I think Russia was a danger for Georgia even when Larsi was closed.”
Gizo, 48, engineer