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Price monopolies make life difficult

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, March 4
The poverty rate in Georgia is dramatic and the situation is further aggravated by the monopolies which keep prices of certain commodities, medicines in particular, pretty high. Analysts think that utilities, oil products and medicines cost 30-40% more than they should. Some independent analysts think that the natural gas tariff should be no more than 35 tetri rather than the existing 51 tetri. Possible candidate for Tbilisi Mayor Gia Chanturia has even stated that the tariff should be no more than 7 tetri, but letís think that this is just a stunt connected with the elections.

Analysts still think that electricity should be no more than 10 tetri rather than 17. In terms of medicines even President Saakashvili suggested some time ago that these should be at least 40% cheaper. The price of fuel and mobile phone tariffs are also areas of public concern.