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How much of your family's budget is spent on medicine?

Thursday, March 4
“Most of my family’s money is spent on medicine, this is a very deplorable fact. Medicines are very expensive. If one of us catches a cold we need 10 GEL to buy some simple medicines. Do you think this is normal? I don't.”
Beka, 37, unemployed

“Well this is the most pressing issue now. I think our Government thinks it will close pensioners’ eyes by increasing the pension by 10 GEL, but every time they do this they also increase food and medicine prices. An unemployed person will die of viruses or other diseases. Our President says we are a European country – how come, if we sometimes do not have enough money to buy bread or medicine? My answer is that medicine in Georgia is very expensive and in Tbilisi most of all,”
Neli, 65, pensioner

"At least 30% of our family’s budget, as the price of medicines is very high. We buy items of everyday use in drug stores. I think that the cost of medicines is inappropriately high in our country and the Government is taking makes no real positive steps to change the situation."
Tamar, 34, teacher

"To tell the truth serious reform of the health system is much needed, I think. Georgian citizens do not see a doctor or buy medicines as the prices are very high. There should be some organisation to monitor the prices of medicines."
Giorgi, 28, worker

"I do not know, as my parents do it in general, but they frequently mention that half of their salaries are spent on medicines, especially lately, as my grandmother is ill."
Temo, 20, student

“Thank God, we do not spend so much on medicines. We regularly buy blood pressure decreasing medicine for grandmother and anti-flu medications once in a while. So it is about 20-30 Lari a month maximum I guess.”
Maia, 18, student

“I have not calculated exactly, but it is quite a lot. I have elderly parents with heart problems. I spend about 150 lari monthly for different kinds of medicine, which I think is not a small amount if we consider the average level of salaries in Georgia.”
Iamze, 43, real estate agent

“The prices of medicines have more than doubled during the last 3 years. I am afraid they are rising even higher. I am always worried - what if I need some expensive medical treatment? I am a pensioner and really cannot afford all these expensive medicines. Now I spend about 20 lari monthly and even this is too much for me.”
Medea, 71, pensioner