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Larsi checkpoint opening issues

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, March 10
Georgia has officially declared that it agreed to open the Larsi checkpoint at the Georgian- Russian border for the sake of Armenia. Analysts suggest that reopening this checkpoint will decrease the cost of transit between Russia and Armenia by 20-25% while it will bring Georgia no economic benefit at all, or a very insignificant one.

Chairman of the Armenian Entrepreneurs Union Arsen Kazarian has stated that transportation of goods between Russia and Armenia via the Kavkaz-Poti ferry line takes up to 25 days. After the opening of Larsi checkpoint this time will be halved.

Georgian economic analysts think that the Larsi checkpoint could also be useful for Azerbaijan. Maybe it will also create some jobs in the Kazbegi region. However Gia Khukhashvili says that there will be no economic benefit for Georgia at all and rather the checkpoint opening could lead to losses, because transporting goods through Poti port brings some profit for the port itself, railway transport and some infrastructure, which will disappear and not be replaced now Larsi is open.

Opening the Larsi checkpoint is a big challenge and all sides are attentively observing developments.