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Armenia, Turkey, Karabakh

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, March 10
Armenian MP Vardan Khachatrian has suggested that ratifying the Armenian-Turkish protocols in the Turkish Parliament could be delayed by about 10 months. However Ankara will not withdraw from this process totally because it is being put under political and economic pressure.

Khachatrian suggested that Yerevan should concentrate on normalising relations with Turkey and not make a priority out of Karabakh conflict issues. Combining these issues might result in unwelcome pressure being applied by the international community to resolve the Karabakh conflict.

Khachatrian thinks that removing Russian, US and French mediators and replacing them with Russian, Iranian and Kazakh mediators will not change much as Russia will still be the dominant player in resolving the Karabakh conflict. He also says that it is impossible to officially involve Iran in Karabakh conflict resolution issues.