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What chance do you think Levan Gachechiladze has of being elected Tbilisi Mayor if he chooses to stand?

Wednesday, March 10
"I do not even want to think that Levan Gachechiladze might be elected Mayor. He is a bandit and he is from the mafia. I am afraid that if he really is elected Mayor the mafia and corruption would rule Tbilisi again. The people would not walk in the streets calmly as they do now thanks to Mikheil Saakashvili. I will give my vote to Gigi Ugulava. He is the best Mayor we have had, and I think most Georgian residents have the same opinion.”
Tamara, housewife, 57

“Well in my opinion he has great ambitious but no chance, and I am glad of this. I do not want him to be our Mayor, I will not consider him the Mayor ever.”
Zurab, unemployed, 37

“Well you know I have become a little confused by all the election campaigning in our country. Unfortunately I can see no plans being presented by any of the opposition leaders. I can’t say whether Gachechiladze has a particular chance of being elected Mayor of Tbilisi because I think he has first of all to prove that he can be a proper leader with a relevant action plan.”
Lali, doctor, 46

“Unfortunately I can see no will in any of the opposition members to become Mayor. I might like to be Mayor too, but this is a really serious matter. Our opposition parties lose time arguing about silly issues. I would like to advise them to act as real men, not children, and show us how much they really love their city by trusting and supporting each other so we can rebuild our destroyed country. We have all got tired of our current Government’s unwise decisions. We want our city back and now it's up to the opposition to unite with one unique and healthy ambition and we will fully support them.”
Akaki, pensioner, 61

"I think that Gachechiladze has a real chance in Tbilisi as he has many supporters here, but Alasania also has supporters, it would be better for these two to unite their forces and agree."
Tamar, housekeeper, 31

"I think no opposition leaders has a chance to win the Tbilisi Mayoral elections. There are only a few months left till the elections and they cannot agree even ion internal issues and have changed positions several times, which is the sign they are not reliable."
Tamaz, pensioner, 57

"It is very difficult to say. At the Presidential election he really had a chance, but now things have changed. I do not think he will be a good Mayor, as he lacks some of the features needed to be a successful politician."
Gia, painter, 28

“In my opinion Ugulava has no genuine competitor in the upcoming elections. He is popular, he has money for his campaign, he does concrete things for Tbilisi residents. Gachechiladze just talks and does not have the same rating he had during the last Presidential election.”
Gia, teacher, 43