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Should journalists who are supposed to be impartial stand at elections representing a political party?

Thursday, March 11
“I think they are entitled to their own opinion. If they really trust in the fairness of their party’s political ideas and want to improve something through politics I think there is nothing criminal or bad in this.”
Akaki, engineer, 36

“I do not consider any political party impartial, so I think journalists who are supposed to be impartial should not stand at elections representing a political party.”
Manana, musician, 56

“I categorically deny that journalists who are supposed to be impartial must not stand at elections representing a political party.”
Lika, student, 26

“If a journalist has quit their job and moved into politics I think this is absolutely alright. Half of our politicians are former journalists I think.”
Ira, PR manager, 33

“I would rather see journalists doing their job and politicians doing theirs. Politics is not a game. It is not a place for everyone who wants to become rich and popular. Huge life experience and knowledge of diplomacy are needed to be a politician, which I think our journalists do not possess.”
Vano, pensioner, 68

“The problem is not that journalists move from journalism to politics, but the fact that the journalists conduct politics while being reporters and anchors. Our media workers are absolutely partial and subjective, just as much as the politicians.”
Lela, accountant, 51

“Unfortunately the political mess in our country forces even absolutely unbiased people to change their mind. I am all for everyone doing their own job but not at this time. I think I may even do the same thing one day if I find it out that nothing has been done by the political authorities to ensure the successful future of my country.”
Salome, reporter, 22

"There are many journalists in our country who are better than some politicians. Why should they not stand, if they believe in what they do and has the relevant education and mental abilities?"
Tamar, journalist, 26

"If you mean Inga Grigolia, who has decided to take part in the City Council elections, there was nothing surprising in this; Grigolia has mentioned before that she might go into politics. She has no other practical option, as all her programmes have been closed down."
Nino, economist, 38

"If someone is an impartial journalist this does not mean that he must stay in this profession till the end of his life. Everything changes, and attitudes as well."
Nika, sociologist, 27