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How did you react to the fake report of a Russian invasion on Imedi TV?

Monday, March 15
“I was shocked - I did not know what to do or where to run; I called neighbours and friends, all the people I know, and they were all panicking as I was. It was so horrible; I felt the same as during the August war. Now I am really very afraid of what I saw happening. Those who did this must be sentenced and Imedi TV must be closed.”
Lamara, housewife, 56

“What can I tell you? It was horrible, because I thought the Russians were coming from all sides and a war had begun. All my family and I were scared very much. I was crying and did not know what to do. They should have made some commentary before they started the report because the people watching TV thought it was actual news and there was a huge panic all over Georgia. Imedi TV must be closed because they are working unprofessionally. They do not know any law of journalism and I am sure that some people are still in shock and think the war has begun.”
Vakhtang, engineer, 45

“Fortunately I did not watch the report. I saw strange posts on Facebook saying Imedi TV has gone mad. Only after this did I turn on the TV, but the report was already over and there was a discussion going on. I think such made up shows are totally unacceptable.”
Maka, accountant, 24

“I watched the show from the very beginning so I could see that it was all mocked up, but even then at some moments I started doubting and wondering if it was real. I can imagine the situation of those who did not see the explanations at the very beginning.”
Lela, economist, 51

“I was simply shocked. I could not believe this was really happening in Georgia. I could not figure out what was going on. I lived through the war again. I am still feeling bad, although I know it was just a fantasy by journalists.”
Medea, pensioner, 74

"It was very funny for me. I watched it from the beginning and knew what was going on. But I do not think only the Imedi management was involved with this. No one does such things without the agreement of some influential political figures."
Gia, student, 21

"It was unimaginable. When I switched on the TV I saw injured people and Saakashvili making a statement about the extremely strained situation in the country. I am still frightened despite the fact it was a fake and nothing more."
Natela, housekeeper, 47

"I was going to gather my family together and leave Tbilisi immediately. They could have broadcast this programme earlier or later, not when the news was due to be on. They should answer for it."
Irakli, bank employee, 29

“It is absolutely terrible to play on people’s feelings and emotions. The media is the source of information and people fully depend on it. So what can I say? This was a step back for Imedi as a TV station and national destruction for Georgia.”
Jemal, doctor, 35