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Do you think the voters list will be accurate by the time the elections are held?

Wednesday, March 17
“Well I can’t see what the oppositions’ participation in the checking process consists of so I can’t guess whether everything will be finished in time or not. I think they should be more active in this direction in order to produce accurate lists in time.”
Nino, economist, 24

“I hope everything will be alright, although there is a great possibility that everything will develop in accordance with the well-known scenario and nothing will be done to ensure the fairness and transparency of the elections once again.”
Mamuka, director, 48

“It has never been accurate, so I guess it will have problems this time as well, but maybe fewer of them. Voter lists in Georgia will never be perfectly accurate, because there are always people ready to win elections in an unfair way, unfortunately. Those people have power, so we can do nothing.”
Neli, dentist, 54

“In my opinion the voters lists are not as inflated as they were years ago. I expect the upcoming Mayoral and local elections to be held in fairer conditions than previous Presidential and Parliamentary elections. At least I hope so.”
Maia, HR manager, 35

“I hope that the opposition will show unity and not let Saakashvili and his team rig the elections once more. I think it is embarrassing that in the 21st century we still face the problem of rigged elections.”
Inga, nurse, 55

"If all the opposition parties do their job properly and use the allocated money as needed everything will be in order by the time of the local elections, the time left is quite enough I think. As for the CEC, its Chair is doing his best to hold free and transparent elections."
Natia, manager, 28

"I do not think the voters list will be accurate by the time of the elections. It is in opposition parties' interests to check them properly, but they are occupied with other things and do not pay great importance to this, so do not act in coordination."
Gia, historian, 41

"To tell the truth I am not interested. Whether they are checked or not, the elections will be won by the present Government."
Tako, student, 21

“In my opinion everything will be alright. And the voters list will be accurate."
Vazha, 47, economist