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Do you think the Turkish and Armenian Parliaments will ratify the protocols on opening the borders between the two countries?

Thursday, March 18
"I think that at the present moment relations between Turkey and Armenia are quite normal and it is time for them to think about peace. As far as I know discussions in the Parliaments of those two countries are ongoing, which is a positive sign also."
Gia, historian, 41

"Opening these borders is not important for these two countries only but for the whole South Caucasus, as security and peace in the region depend on all countries of the South Caucasus. I hope they will ratify the protocols."
Tornike, manager, 29

"I do not think they will do this, as Armenia has aims and intentions which are unacceptable for Turkey. Agreement is impossible until one of these two countries changes their position."
Tamta, student, 22

“As I recall these two countries have so many misunderstandings with each other that I doubt they will ratify the protocols on the opening of the border.”
Khatuna, economist, 31

“In my opinion there are just talks going on and the protocols between these two countries will not be ratified. But I think it is time to improve relations and I think the border must be opened.”
Nana, housewife, 36

“I do not think any agreement will emerge between Turkey and Armenia until Armenia returns the territories it occupies, so the protocols will not be ratified.”
Tengo, unemployed, 57

“Why not? I think in the 21st century there should be no barriers between countries. I will be glad if these two nations overcome their rivalry at last.”
Manana, teacher, 56

“I think Turkey will disappoint Azerbaijan a lot with this move. However both Armenia and Turkey have their own economic interests so I do not think that Azerbaijan’s opinion on this will be taken into account.”
Zura, lawyer, 30

“I do not know. It is up to Armenia and Turkey to make a decision. It would be nice if they ended the blockade for good.”
Natia, student, 21