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Foreign Direct Investments decreasing

Friday, March 19
Georgia’s Department of National Statistics states that in 2009 FDI in Georgia was USD 759.1 million. The biggest investments were made by the United Arab Emirates, with USD 169.8 million (22.4% of the total investments) followed by Egypt with 167.5 million USD (22.1%), The Netherlands with 105.7 million (13.9%), Turkey with 89.5 million (11.8%), Panama 73.4 million (9.7%) and the UK 63.5 million (8.4%)

Of the total FDI last year 204 million was invested in industry, 153 in transportation and communications, 134 million in hotels and restaurants, 132 million in real estate and 45 million in the banking sector. Unfortunately however investments are decreasing. In 2008 Georgia attracted USD 1.5 billion in FDI, in 2007 more than 2 billion, in 2006 over 1 billion. In 2010 the Georgian government expects USD 1.2 billion to enter the country, but both local and international analysts predict less then 1 billion actually will.