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US interested in Turkish-Azerbaijan cooperation

By Messenger Staff
Friday, March 19
The Stratfor analytical centre thinks that the US is ready to give up Armenia in order to keep Russia away from the Caucasus. This analysis assumes that Washington is interested in assisting Turkey and developing its relations with Azerbaijan.

The Stratfor analysts suggest that the resolution adopted by the Foreign Relations Committee of the US Congress was the product of intense lobbying by the Armenian Diaspora in the USA, although the White House had no influence over this resolution and the Obama administration is opposed to it. The Obama administration cares more about bilateral relations between Turkey and the USA.

Moreover this resolution has no practical significance. The White House will be against voting on the draft resolution in Congress in May as it is aware that adopting this resolution will undermine the signing of the new Ankara and Yerevan relationship restoration protocols. Moreover Washington is interested in facilitating further good relations between Baku and Ankara as Turkey is a serious supporter of the USA against further Russian infiltration in the Caucasus.