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What do you think Georgia should do to keep Ukraine as a strategic partner?

Friday, March 19
“With wise and balanced policy everything can be achieved. Ukraine has not been lost as Georgia’s strategic partner yet, however the threat we face should not be ignored. I appeal to the Government to try its best not to lose Ukraine as we have lost Russia. Georgia does not need another enemy.”
Davit, lecturer, 42

“Well after our Georgian observers not being allowed to attend the elections in Ukraine I doubt that Georgia should do anything to retain a strategic partnership with that country. It’s up to Ukraine to define the nature of any kind of future cooperation, which it has unfortunately denied us as a matter of a fact.”
Meri, PR manager, 23

“Georgia has done more than it should in order to keep this partnership going but the new Government in Ukraine seems to be against any further cooperation. This means that we should think of our own politics rather than trying to be nice to others.”
Giorgi, pupil, 17

“I think after the scandal with the Georgian observers our Government should make lots of efforts to restore friendly relations with Ukraine, which used to be one of the biggest allies of our country. I think the incidents during the Presidential Elections in Ukraine were really stupid.”
Nana, pediatrician, 42

“Well I do not think relations between Georgia and Ukraine are so bad right now. Anyway there is nothing much we can do about them, because it is only Russia which can really make changes.”
Gia, engineer, 50

“What we can do is to avoid interfering in the other country’s internal affairs and let them elect their own President themselves. The incidents during the Presidential elections concerning our observers, politicians and journalists were just embarrassing.”
Victoria, interpreter, 24

“Well in my opinion Georgia should not do anything to maintain relations with Ukraine, as unfortunately Ukraine has already decided to break relations with Georgia.”
Petre, unemployed, 56