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Caucasus problems should be solved within the region

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, March 25
Alexander Sotnichenko, an analyst from St. Petersburg, Russia, thinks Caucasus problems should be solved by the countries of the region, although this will depend on every neighbouring country, particularly Russia, showing sufficient political goodwill. He says that Russia, Turkey and Iran can broker a mutually beneficial situation without involving the USA, NATO and the EU.

The analyst thinks that Caucasus has accumulated many threats through the decisions of certain persons, not only politicians but also military leaders. For instance Azerbaijan is very intensively building up its military and economic potential, which will disturb the current balance of forces and facilitate an escalation of conflict.

Moscow and Ankara are best placed to facilitate peace in the region, however there is a certain Western claim to act as a peacekeeper. Sotnichenko thinks that US and the West are unable to secure peace in the region, quoting the Middle East and Afghanistan as negative examples of their efforts in this direction. As for Iranís position, the analyst thinks that it has it own problems so will generally remain neutral, however it should be interested in stability in the region.