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In what way should Georgia get involved in North Caucasus issues?

Thursday, March 25
"I think Georgia can get involved in different directions. First of all I should point out that each country’s development and advance in the Caucasus is dependent on ensuring the security of the whole region. If there is a confrontation in Turkey, for example, Georgia cannot be safe. As for the North Caucasus, we have a common rival. If we collaborate with one another Russia will not be able to deepen its roots in the Caucasus region, as this would not be in the interests of the whole civilized world either."
Giorgi, historian, 51

"The common problem in the Caucasus is that its nations have never managed to agree on important issues and this has enabled the enemy to fulfill its goals. First of all conferences and meetings should be organised to discuss the problems in the region and work out how to find a way out of the present situation. We should not enable the enemy to use Caucasian people against one another. The most important, first step should be just sitting and analysing the situation, the rest will be revealed step by step."
Nodar, sociologist, 29

"This is really a very difficult issue. If Georgia takes into consideration all the appeals from the North Caucasus republics, especially the recognition of genocides committed by the Russians at different periods, it will once more strain Georgian-Russian relations, but on the other hand meetings and negotiations between the Caucasian peoples are extremely important for making positive changes in the Caucasus region."
Tamar, teacher, 42

“In my opinion Georgia should not worsen its already spoiled relations with Russia by getting involved in North Caucasus issues. I do not think it is in our interests now to have another point of disagreement with our northern neighbour.”
Keti, office manager, 35

“If you mean recognition of the genocide committed by Russia in the North Caucasus, then I hope our Government refrains from doing so for now. This move could further irritate the Russian authorities and this is not something we want now.”
Levan, unemployed, 46

"I think we have problems in common with the small nations in the North Caucasus. Our biggest problem is Russia. By joining efforts against the threats of The Kremlin maybe we will avoid new conflicts with Russia.”
Lado, economist, 39